General terms and conditions of sale

General terms and conditions of sale

The Residence Pauséôme is a resort situated Avenue de la Côte de Nacre, CS 35336, 14053 Caen Cedex 4. It is governed by Accueil Partenaires with capital of € 100,000, RCS Paris 789 227 063
located at 91, Avenue de la République 75011 PARIS.

These terms and conditions govern to the exclusion of any other document, the hotel accommodation contract (hereinafter "the Agreement") between the Client and the Residence Pauséôme (hereinafter "the Operator")

1. PURPOSE OF THE CONTRACT: the Operator provides the Customer with a temporary shelter, individual, equipped (hereinafter "the House) within the Pauséôme Residence in consideration of compliance by the Customer of the provisions of these Terms Terms of Sales.

2. LEGAL REGIME: The contract falls under the applicable law to tourism residences. As it is not a lease agreement, the Customer has no right to the maintenance of the premises upon expiration of the contract and can not practice any business, craft or profession.

3. ACCOMMODATION CONDITIONS: For security reasons related to the capacity of the House, it is strictly for the personal use of the Customer. Upon arrival at the latest, the Customer must provide the operator with a copy of his national identity card or a residence permit valid.

4. OBLIGATIONS OF THE OPERATOR: The Operator is committed to the following hotel services: welcome to the opening hours of the residence, cleaning at the beginning and end of stay, as well as every 2 weeks for stays longer 30 nights every week for stays of less than 30 nights, loan linens.

5. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: The Operator can provide, upon request of the Customer, the following additional services, for a fee: extra cleaning, breakfast and towels. These services are payable in advance. The movement for opening a studio outside opening times of the Residence will be charged € 100.

6. RESERVATION - DEPOSIT - PAYMENT: The reservation is confirmed only upon acceptance by the Operator, at the discretion of the latter and subject to the fulfillment of all the conditions stipulated herein. Additionally, all reservations will only become definitive after booking confirmation by the Operator. The balance payment is due: for stays of less than or equal to four weeks: the day of arrival; for stays lasting more than four weeks to the end of the third week, and then every four weeks until all of the balance. If payment of the balance in installments, the Contract will be automatically terminated, without formality, and length of stay reduced to proportions of settlements made. If it is agreed that payment of the stay would be effected by a third party, the customer remained solely responsible for the payment in question, without ever oppose any operator born except the reports of fact or law which it has with the third-party payer. It will be performed no discount for early settlement.

7. RATES: The room prices are indicated in euros all taxes and charges (water, heating, electricity, cleaning during and at end of stay under the conditions specified in item 4 above), except possible tourist tax that would be due and optional services requested by the Customer will be charged extra. The Operator reserves the right to modify the applicable tariff conditions, but that the new tariff is applicable to stay current. In case of extension of stay under the conditions of Article 10 below, the new tariff in force will be applied to the Customer as of the date of. The customer acknowledges having received a copy of the Tariff Schedule mentioning the holiday price applicable on the day the contract is concluded and the tariff for additional services optional.

8. DEPOSIT: Upon arrival, the customer will pay a deposit of four hundred euros (400 €) not cashed by the Operator (credit card pre-authorization or delivery of a check dated the day of the arrived, signed by the Customer and payable to the Operator). After restoration of access cards, in the absence of observed degradation or early departure and after settlement of additional services consumed on the premises, the security deposit will be immediately and fully restored. Otherwise, the deposit will be cashed by the Operator and if necessary, the remaining amount will be returned to the Customer, less repairs, replacement of missing objects or early departure fee, within a period of sixty (60) days following his departure.

9. ROOM CHANGE: At any time and under the constraints of operations, the Operator will assign the Customer a new Chamber subject to compliance with a 48-hour notice. The Customer shall in no case be opposed to this new assignment.

10. EXTENDING THE DURATION OF STAY: The stay is that initially provided upon confirmation of reservation by the Operator. Subject to availability of a House on the dates requested by the customer, the length of stay may be extended at the discretion of the Operator, without obligation to maintain in the same room, the conditions laid down in Annex tariff in force the date of the extension request and the Customer eligibility conditions at that date. The price for one corresponding to the situation of the Customer into force on the date of the extension.

The Customer may reduce the duration of his awareness condition to stay in the Operator its new departure date with a notice period of two (2) weeks, this period being reduced to three (3) weeks if the stay exceeds four (4) weeks. In such cases, the price of the stay will be reassessed in accordance with the tariff schedule. Failing to respect this customer notice, the entire original booking will be due.

12. CANCELLATION - NON PRESENTATION: For stays less than a week, the free cancellation of the reservation must be made before 18:00 on the day of arrival. The speaker canceled more than four weeks before the start of the stay will result in the return of the deposit paid by the customer when booking. If cancellation occurs less than four weeks before the start of the stay, the Operator will retain the deposit paid within the limit of one night, automatically and without formality. In addition, the change of date of the event is considered a full cancellation and gives rise to the application of cancellation policy. Cancellations of all or part of the original booking must be made in writing to the Operator. Furthermore, in case of non-presentation of the Customer, the Operator will resume the disposal of the House. Failure to present one or more mandatory documents referred to in Article 3 shall be treated as a no-Client.

13. OBLIGATIONS OF THE CLIENT: The Client will make a peaceful use (in "good father") of the House, its facilities and common areas of the residence and ensure the tranquility of the other guests home. The Chamber will be available to the Client in good condition. An inventory will be delivered to the customer upon arrival: it will verify its accuracy on arrival and inform reception of any anomaly, missing object or degraded within 12 hours of arrival. Beyond this deadline and in the absence of express reservations by the customer on the inventory that was presented to him, it will be deemed to have accepted all provisions and will be held responsible for damaged, missing objects or other damage found at the start of the Customer of the House who has been assigned. The presence of pets and the storage of flammable or hazardous materials is strictly prohibited. The staff of the Operator will have access to the House at any time, to ensure the maintenance and / or safety. The Customer declares to be aware of the rules of residence and undertakes to comply scrupulously.

14. PHOTO STORY: The Customer is requested to inform in advance the Operator of the possible presence of a photographer and is personally responsible for obtaining all authorizations that may be necessary.

15. AMENDMENT OF BENEFITS: Any request to change benefits in relation to the accepted estimate must be made in writing to the Operator. written acceptance of fault of the operator within 8 days of receipt of the application, the contract is deemed to continue under the terms and conditions determined in the quotation accepted by the customer.

16. MAJOR FORCE: The obligations contained herein shall not apply or be suspended if their execution has become impossible due to force majeure such as including: act of public authority, war, war, act of government, disaster natural, fire, flood, strike without notice ... the parties shall use all their efforts to prevent or reduce the effects of a breach of contract caused by a force majeure event; the party wishing to invoke a force majeure event shall immediately notify the other party the beginning and end of the event, otherwise it will not be discharged from liability.

17. LIABILITY: The Customer shall be responsible vis-à-vis the Operator, other clients or any third parties for any damage of any nature whatsoever, arising out of any breach of these conditions and / or House Rules or resulting from any mistake he would have made. Personal belongings of the Customer and any property of any nature, including those contained in the House assigned to it under this Agreement remain fully responsible. It is the Customer to ensure personal belongings and to take all precautions in this regard. From then on, the responsibility of the Operator shall in no case be engaged by the Client in case of theft or damage to personal effects, in the Chambers in common areas, parking lots or any other outbuildings or annexes of the Residence .

18. COMPLAINTS AND DISPUTES: All disputes and claims will not be considered if they are made in writing and addressed to the Operator within a period of 8 days after the end of the event.

20. TERMINATION: This Agreement will be automatically terminated without formality or delay in the event of non-performance by the Customer of any of its obligations under these Conditions, in the event of non-compliance rules of the Residence, or unsuitable conduct to disrupt the stay of other occupants and / or the operation of the residence and / or safety of the occupants or local.

19. PERSONAL DATA: The information provided by the Customer in the reservation request form (mandatory when followed by an asterisk) are subject to computer processing. They are intended to Pauséôme Residence at the Customer booking business management for the application. The information and personal data concerning the Customer are for the Pauséôme Estate, responsible for its treatment, and its subcontractors are required for the management of his stay as well as trade relations arising under this Agreement. The Customer is informed of this computerized processing of information, including the management of their email address. Customer of the personal data file is the subject of a declaration to the CNIL. According to the law of 6 January 1978, the Customer has a right to access, correct and delete personal data concerning them and a right to object to their treatment motivated. He just needs to exercise this right to request stating his full name, email address and if possible its Client references: Residence Pauséôme Avenue of the Côte de Nacre, CS 35336, 14053 Caen Cedex 4 or email at the following address: Unless expressly authorized by Client to this effect, the Operator shall disclose on its behalf or on behalf of a third party for marketing or broadcast or without consideration, the personal data made available by the Client. It undertakes to keep strictly confidential all personal data provided and not to the use for which they were issued. At the expiration of the Contract, the Operator undertakes to destroy within the legal time any medium containing the personal data and not keep any copies of said data for the communication.

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Accueil Partenaires Company capital of 100 000 Euros - Head office: 91 Avenue de la République 75011 Paris - Siret 789 227 063 000 11 - RCS PARIS - NAF 5510 Z

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